Oxford Road Presents: The Divided States of Media, Episode 4

“Media”, the Fourth Estate, is meant to act as an independent watchdog for the other branches of government. But these days, our media system is as polarized as our nation. This week on The Divided States of Media, Dan sits down with media executive, journalist, and founder of Fourth Watch, Steve Krakauer. Having worked for both Fox News and CNN, Steve gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the media works, shares his thoughts on how we got here and provides a plan to get back to where we need to be. Steve’s insights can help marketers and American citizens as a whole navigate through today’s divided media landscape.


  • 5:30 – How the emergence of social media and increased audience fragmentation has facilitated the polarization in media

  • 10:10 – Why Steve started the 4th Watch Newsletter

  • 25:20 – How personal “brand building” affects media content

  • 27:19 – How media should work – Steve’s 4 pillars of journalism:

    1) Intellectual Honesty
    2) Intellectual Consistency
    3) Intellectual Curiosity
    4) Intellectual Discomfort

  • 32:00 – What happens if we stay on this non-healthy media diet we’re all on?

  • 49:06 – The Unsolicited Advice Game

  • 57:00 – How marketers can impact change

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