Oxford Road Presents: The Divided States of Media, Episode 3

This week on The Divided States of Media, Dan sits down with fellow Michiganian and Wall Street lawyer-turned-podcast interviewer, Jordan Harbinger. As a podcaster who’s interviewed everyone from Kobe Bryant to Ray Dalio, Jordan has a strong word of caution to the media system as it stands, and a warning to all if we don’t turn things around soon.


  • 14:09 – Jordan on “Virtue Signaling”

  • 18:34 – The importance of journalism and podcasting right now

  • 31:42 – The challenge of the media self-censoring

  • 39:59 – Extremism – “Talk to anybody on the extreme left or the extreme right, have a clue what the other side actually wants or thinks. They’ve never given it any modicum of thought.”

  • 51:36 – This week in “Unsolicited Advice”

  • 56:53 –  Jordan on “Cancel Culture” – “It’s unequivocally a bad thing.”

  • 1:07:00 – How do we get back on track? “Education, education, education.”

Click HERE to listen to the full episode

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