Oxford Road Presents: The Divided States of Media, Episode 2

This week on The Divided States of Media, Dan sits down with entrepreneur, political figure, and author of “Contract to Unite America”, Neal Simon. Dan and Neal discuss how by being unaffiliated with any political party, Neal was able to lead a charge to unite the country and bring pragmatism back to Washington and Madison Ave. For marketers dealing with a seemingly polarized consumer base, Neal shares practical insights to gain an edge by reaching out to the “Hidden Majority”.


  • 3:52 – Neal shares the challenges of running for political office without the backing of any political party

  • 6:41 – What is the “Hidden Majority” and why are they important?

  • 10:46 – How the lack of incentive structure makes it hard for politicians on either side to commit to unity

  • 20:05 – Dan makes yet another recommendation to watch the documentary Stars and Strife

  • 25:30 – This week in “Unsolicited Advice”

  • 27:37 – “Marketers need to think about how they can be part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

  • 36:23 – There’s no centrism in media and social media, it’s either black or white

Click HERE to listen to the full episode

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