Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal

The Influencer is proud to announce the debut of our first-ever podcast, Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal, (we know…we’re kinda late to the game).

Our limited-run series is designed to help marketers adapt their businesses to the perpetually shape-shifting media landscape in the age of Coronavirus and beyond.

You’ll get up-to-date insights on where things are headed, and practical advice for how you can win — no matter the circumstances.

This week, Oxford Road founder and CEO Dan Granger meets with Hernan Lopez, the man behind podcast powerhouse Wondery and creator of hit shows such as Dr. DeathDirty JohnAmerican History TellersBusiness Wars, and more.

Listen as Dan and Hernan discuss the podcast landscape right now and what it will look like post-COVID, including:

  • The state of podcast listenership from an industry titan

  • Why host-read Podcast ads are here to stay, despite the influx of brand dollars

  • How Wondery had a Tiger King podcast before the Netflix show

  • The future of smart speakers as it pertains to Podcast

  • Why the Axios newsletter is the most important item in your inbox

  • Why “trust” is the most important thing for advertisers right now

Please Note: Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal will be released on iTunes and everywhere podcasts are consumed. Our friends at Apple are taking a bit longer to release the episode, but it’s up on Spotify and will be on iTunes soon.

Watch it on YouTube now!

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