Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal, Episode 9

This week on Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal, Dan sits down with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, NYT bestselling co-author, and Sirius XM Radio show host, Professor Karen Hunter. For those of us trying to navigate the complexity of race and societal upheaval as citizens and as marketers, Karen shares practical advice without shaming. You will be inspired by Karen’s insights so you can navigate and actually grow through these circumstances.



  • 3:57 – Professor Hunter schools Dan for reading from a script

  • 4:55 – Why what’s happening now is nothing new

  • 9:03 – The futility of brands that pander

  • 12:04 – Authenticity in media and those who are using scare tactics

  • 16:27 – How to build and engage an audience with integrity

  • 20:02 – Why audio is the most powerful medium on the planet

  • 29:56 – Karen’s thoughts on “Cancel Culture”

  • 57:17 – The secret of education through entertainment

  • 1:07:38 – Karen Troll Hunter – How Karen cracked the YouTube algorithm to snuff out “Keyboard Cowboys”

  • 1:12:22 – Karen’s message to media personalities like Tucker Carlson

Click HERE to listen to the full episode

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