Oxford Road Presents: The Divided States of Media

This week, we launch our second podcast season: The Divided States of Media.

70% of customers believe it’s important for brands to take a stand on political and social issues.

Over half of Americans think executives who donate to the two major political candidates in this year’s election SHOULD BE FIRED — 31% for Trump and 22% for Biden.

62% of Americans are afraid to make their political views public.

America is fractured by extreme partisanship and brands are stuck in the middle.

How can you do the most good for your business and stakeholders without exploiting the divisions in this country?

Oxford Road has joined with the National Institute for Civil Discourse to help, starting with the re-launch of our podcast, Oxford Road Presents: The Divided States of Media.

In the season 2 kick-off episode, Dan sits down with Keith Allred, the Executive Director of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, to discuss the increasingly polarized American landscape and the steps that leaders in media and marketing can take to heal the divides while building their business.


  • 7:37 – Keith addresses the state of civil discourse in America today

  • 11:53 – Most Americans agree on far more political issues than advertised — so why are we so mad at each other?

  • 21:12 – History of factionalism in the US and how we got to where we are today

  • 32:30 – What is “Cancel Culture”? How does it help, and how does it hurt?

  • 46:02 – The “Unsolicited Advice Game” — our new segment where Dan asks Keith to give Twitter-sized advice to everyone from Donald Trump to the media and brands that sponsor

  • 51:52 – How can we use our position in business or media to get involved and make a positive impact?

  • 58:44 – What happens to America if nothing changes soon?

  • 1:07:20 – Keith explains how can marketers improve civil discourse in media, without participating in “Cancel Culture”

  • 1:11:20 – Is national unity really possible, or is it too late? Keith shares real-world experience

Click HERE to listen to the full episode

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