Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal, Episode 5

In Episode #5 of Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal, Dan speaks with Dave Zohrob, Co-founder and CEO of Chartable, the podcast analytics company for both publishers and advertisers. Dave takes us behind the scenes of his industry-wide data set to comment on the issues of the day in this remarkably colorful interview with a data guy.


  • 4:33 – How a love of podcast led to the creation of Chartable

  • 7:08 – What Joe Rogan’s move to Spotify means for the industry, especially for independent programs

  • 11:09 – What is Chartable’s approach to attributing response in Podcast

  • 12:07 – Dave uses the word “panopticon” in a sentence

  • 13:43 – The arduous process of IAB certification explained, and why it matters

  • 15:06 – Are advertisers using survey-based analysis overcounting or undercounting?

  • 28:33 – How Joe Rogan’s lack of presence on the Podtrac chart lead Chartable to make their own chart

  • 29:40 – Dave addresses the data privacy concerns in the space

  • 44:43 – 10 Habit Hacks – How is Dave managing his time during the crisis?

  • 51:37 – Why not having “POD” in the name allows Chartable to focus on audio as a spectrum of different devices and content


Click HERE to listen to the full episode

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