Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal, Episode 3

Welcome to Episode #3 of Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal! This week, Dan speaks with Andy Lipset, CEO of SpokenLayer, the leading provider of media content on smart speakers for over 100 publishers including Time Magazine, TechCrunch, The Economist, Daily Beast, and just about every major publication you can imagine. Join us as Andy shares why short-form audio is the future, and how smart speakers are revolutionizing the audio landscape.


  • 7:26 – Why short-form audio is the future of audio broadcasting moving forward

  • 15:03 – How smart speaker advertising offers exclusivity for brands without the clutter of traditional media

  • 16:34 – Flash Briefings 101

  • 25:15 – Why the smart speaker revolution is like mobile was 10 years ago

  • 30:03 – How voice recognition will help performance marketers track at a level only dreamed about in the past

  • 37:09 – Andy’s Top 10 Habit Hacks he’s using to push through the crisis

  • 45:34 – How the pandemic has impacted the medium’s advertising portfolio

Click HERE to listen to the full episode

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