Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal, Episode 2

Welcome to Episode #2 of Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal, our limited-run series designed to help marketers keep up with the changes in the age of Coronavirus.

This week, Dan speaks with David Field, Chairman, President and CEO of Entercom Communications Corp. (NYSE: ETM). Reaching over 170 million Americans every month, Entercom is the second-largest radio broadcaster in the U.S. and owner of emerging media platforms such as Cadence13 and Radio.com. David’s place is firmly fixed on the Mount Rushmore of Radio power players, and he is deciding (not speculating) on what comes next…


  • 5:42 – The challenges Entercom has had to contend with due to the health crisis

  • 10:21 – The hard decisions David has had to make as a leader to preserve the health of the organization

  • 15:24 – How Entercom has fared against competitive media companies

  • 20:13 – What the future looks like for media companies post-COVID-19

  • 29:31 – How Entercom is utilizing their unsold inventory and the opportunities for advertisers who can spend right now

  • 35:25 – David addressing the skepticism in the market around ratings reports

  • 45:58 – How the crisis will impact the podcast industry’s growth trajectory

  • 48:13 – How audio is uniquely positioned to be useful in this new environment

  • 52:15 – How brands should think about hitting the right tone in their creative as listener preferences evolve

  • 54:40 – David’s final advice to marketers planning the next few quarters

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