Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal, Episode 10

Our 10th Episode! This week on Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal, Dan sits down with Benjamin Nazarian, the CEO of one of the fastest-growing companies in the space, Therabody, maker of the coveted Theragun. In this episode, Ben shares the secret to successfully growing a multi-million dollar brand from zero, as well as rebranding the business, expanding product lines, and pivoting from retail dependence to full DTC in 2020. This week’s episode is a master class for marketers looking to add zeros to their bottom line.



  • 4:27 – The origin — how Ben got involved with one of the most popular brands in the fitness world

  • 7:03 – Rebranding a successful company when you’re practically a household name during a pandemic

  • 10:06 – Entering a crowded CBD marketplace — DIFFERENTIATE!

  • 13:05 – Doing good without pandering

  • 17:14 – Balancing performance marketing and branding

  • 20:20 – What channels truly drive growth for a growing DTC brand?

  • 29:24 – How COVID is affecting the consumer landscape

  • 36:39 – Ben’s Top 10 Habit Hacks

  • 40:52 – How the recent focus on social injustice has impacted Therabody’s business

  • 45:13 – Ben’s approach to marketing toward a divided nation

  • 50:42 – How to bring your company to the next level

Click HERE to listen to the full episode

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