Oxford Road Presents: Media’s New Deal – Endgame

Media’s New Deal is kaput. Ten weeks ago we started this limited-run series to help entrepreneurs and marketers with practical advice on navigating the new world amidst COVID-19. Henceforth, captains of industry and influencers came through with pro-tips to swim through the changes while keeping revenues intact. Finally, we shifted focus to marketers dealing with societal upheaval after the murder of George Floyd. Along the way, we’ve been the ones asking the questions, but this week the tables have turned. We’re putting Dan Granger in the hot seat as he shares what been on his mind the past 3 months with the host of Ricochet’s The Roth Effect, Carol Roth.


  • 1:49 – What it means to be an “Intrepreneur”

  • 18:21 – Why Bill Burr is one of the greatest spokespeople in Podcast

  • 26:30 – Why there is no playbook in this new reality

  • 36:58 – Perceived Bias vs. True Bias

  • 40:24 – What to do when the mob comes for you?

  • 55:17 – Are advertisers influencing the audience, or are on-air personalities influencing organizational values?

  • 59:20 – Dan gives a history lesson on when to celebrate Independence Day

Click HERE to listen to the full episode

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