Oxford Road Presents: Giles Martin Soars at Podcast Advertising Summit

The Influencer’s Podcast, Media’s New Deal, is going on a short hiatus this month as we prepare for Season Two. In the meantime, we have some great content to share. This week, we showcase Giles Martin (EVP, Strategy & Insights) in all his glory at last month’s Podcast Advertising Industry Summit presented by Voxnest. Moderated by Ahyiana Angel (host of Switch, Pivot, or Quit), Giles joins a panel of podcast insiders to discuss how to use data and succeed with host-read podcast ads. Whether you’re a current podcast advertiser or simply exploring the channel for the first time, learn how to make podcast ads work from the biggest names in the agency world, as well as content creators and measurement services.


  • 1:05 – The disparity between podcast and radio ad revenue

  • 5:31 – The tools you should use to identify the right podcasts for your brand

  • 9:56 – How racial sensitivity has impacted the podcast landscape

  • 14:10 – How to know if a podcast campaign is working

  • 17:48 – The benchmarks you should use to evaluate the effectiveness of host reads

  • 20:24 – Branded podcasts: why most brands should stay away from content creation

  • 29:07 – Dynamic Reads versus Baked-In — What’s the difference, and how should advertisers approach?


Click HERE to listen to the full episode

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