5 Tips for Creating Custom Landing Pages

by Lisa Laporte with a bonus note from The Influencer

So you’ve got a rock-solid media plan that’s reaching the right people for the lowest cost. You’ve written a great ad that follows the Audiolytics™ framework, exciting listeners and driving them to action. But all is lost if your landing page stops would-be customers cold. Could that be you? While most seasoned marketers A/B test and optimize their landing pages, some fail to realize the value of customization. In this week’s Influencer, Lisa Laporte—CEO of The Artisanal Agency and TWiT—provides practical advice on how to create custom landing pages that will make customers want to buy. The Influencer has also added a bonus point for podcast and radio campaigns.


There are millions of landing pages striving to convert customers all over the internet. Many of them are bland, desperate to fit in with the competition. Smart marketers know that while you want to know what your competition is doing, you also want to stand out. Your landing page should be customized to speak to your brand and make it easy for your customer to decide to buy from you. 

Below you’ll find five quick tips to turn your landing page into something that makes customers want to buy.

Speak To Your Target Audience

Personalization is what a custom landing page is meant for. Personalization lets you speak directly to your target customer and improve your conversion rate. What is your customer’s pain point? What problem does your product or service solve for them? You need an offer that aligns with who they are and what they want. When you can do that, you’ll see your conversion rate improve.

Speak To Their Emotions

What emotional reaction do you want your customers to have to your offer? Do you want them to feel inspired by the possibilities of an online tool that will help their business, or do you want them to feel relief at a vacuum that could better clean up the pet hair in their house? Maybe you want them to be hungry for the hamburgers at your restaurant. Think of an emotion that would drive someone to purchase and use power words that align with those feelings. 

Overcome Hesitation

Why would your customers hesitate to buy your product? If it’s a software, maybe they think it won’t be available for their device. This is a quick fix: include information on the devices your software is good for in an easy to spot visual right on the page. The faster you can ease these concerns, the more excited they’ll be to click “buy now.” 

Create A Powerful Call To Action

A powerful call to action is direct, brief, and uses a strong verb that hints at value. Words like “Get,” “Submit,” “Learn,” “Create,” and “Discover” are popular choices.

Think About Mobile Design

Ten years ago, everything was designed for desktop computers. Even five years ago this was standard. Today, this is a missed opportunity. People are browsing on their phones. If a page doesn’t load smoothly on the first try, they do somewhere else. Make sure your landing page is easy to read and the CTA draws the eye. It needs to be easy for them to click through and convert directly from the landing page on their mobile device. 

Bonus Addendum from The Influencer

Many times in Podcast or Radio, the purpose of your landing page is to create a path for audiences responding to a particular show or personality recommendation. How can you speak directly to this audience and what they feel is important? Can you extend your endorsement and program-related branding to the show page? Work with your partners to create a co-branded experience so that you are converting referrals and extending the message as you borrow from their existing credibility with their audience. 

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