What’s with all the old images on the site?

1. We love history. That’s why it’s one of our values. We believe that past performance is the greatest predictor of future performance. By studying the past, we gain wisdom that helps us tackle the issues of the day and come out more successful for the effort.

2. We went with a centennial theme specifically because of the parallels in our world today. 100 years ago change was happening VERY quickly. Man went from horseback to automobiles to planes. Electricity lit up the world. Records, radios, films, refrigerators. Everything changed in the blink of an eye. People had to make sense of the rapid changes in technology, and its impact on their lives. Sound familiar?

3. Ad agencies are low margin businesses. We wanted to save money on graphic design costs, and this really helps.


“Historic stock footage supplied by Periscope Film LLC”

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