Radio and Podcast 101: A Conversation between Kim Komando and Dan Granger

What are the key ingredients to launching a successful audio campaign? Minimum budgets, timing, creative formulas, best practices in attribution.

All of these things matter for performance marketers.

In lieu of a lengthy article, this week’s issue of The Influencer features an interview of Oxford Road CEO, Dan Granger, by Kim Komando On her Podcast, Komando on Demand. Her show is syndicated on over 435 radio stations to an estimated 3.5+ million weekly listeners.

During the interview, Kim and Dan discuss 15 years of insights into what it really takes to make audio campaigns work, condensed into a 39-minute conversation (19.5 if you listen at 2X speed).

The notes below can serve as a guide for those who would like to skip ahead to specific topics. Please let us know if you find it helpful, and if you would like to see more of this type of audio material in The Influencer.


1:57 – Kim brings on guest Dan Granger, CEO of Oxford Road, to discuss his experience with entrepreneurship and advertising.

2:25 – Dan talks about his first real job in advertising at iHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel Communications) and how he helped his clients bridge the gap between digital and offline advertising.

6:24 – Dan recounts how he left Clear Channel to start his own agency.

8:05 – Kim asks Dan about his first client, where he learned how to manage expectations, and when say no in order to run a successful campaign.

12:09 – Kim and Dan talk about analytics and attribution for successful audio campaigns.

14:57 – Kim and Dan discuss how businesses can gain the most from their ads with a limited budget.

23:45 – Dan explains differences between advertising on radio and podcasts, whether promo codes are effective, and if there is a magic formula to get people to act.

28:42 – Kim asks about the value of third-party tracking tools, surveys, and the best way to measure an ad’s performance.

35:01 – Dan shares what’s next at Oxford Road as technology continuously shifts the world of advertising.


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