Of course you want to see the case studies. Case studies are like porn for any marketer worth their salt. But no, I’m not going to show them to you. What do you mean, why? Because if they were your company’s case studies, you wouldn’t want me posting them all over the interwebs for your competitors to feast on. Furthermore, you would lose respect for our agency if we were that indiscreet with our clients’ sensitive data and you would always wonder if we would be equally indiscreet with your own. Worse yet, we could be like so many companies that share vague case studies that don’t actually speak to CPA or ROI, but instead talk about how happy a client was or how cool they thought their promotion to be. Gross. Well, I’m not here to waste your time, clearly. And out of respect for our clients, and your own sense of decency, no, we’re not going to show them to you. But if you are a fit for our company, we will provide you with references to some of our busy clients and they will share their own experiences, provided you deserve to learn about them.

In addition, while I’m not going to post their case studies, I will have you know that we do have them. And that is a big deal. Because we deal with hundreds of channels at a time and see weekly CPA by channel for Podcast, YouTube, Radio, and TV, we have an incredible perspective on what works where for whom. And the best part of this is that we are seeing tremendous reliability in one case study’s ability to translate to similar results for other clients with similar targets.

Example. We have about half a dozen different clients selling SAAS subscriptions to entrepreneurs. So when we see one channel perform for a client, that’s R&D for the rest and they typically all benefit equally, once we get a good case study. So there is a collective intelligence component that allows us to become like a future-predicting, case study-devouring, machine-learning monster. Another way to say it is that we have Millions of Dollars in R&D to test every channel we can find informing us before we place a buy. So, we’re not just trying to buy the right demo at a good CPM and hoping that we get lucky. This is something our clients find helpful as our margin of error on new campaigns gets smaller every week.

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