Oxford Road Gives Back


Influence responsibly. This is not just the tag line to our weekly newsletter, The Influencer – it is also something we believe to be the duty of anyone who asks millions of people to take specific action on a weekly basis (us). That translates into our Values and the types of engagements we will and won’t take on.

The best part about what we do is that we can use our powers of persuasion for good. We help companies worth fighting for to grow, they help put food on the tables of their employees, as well as employing and enriching the lives and families of the team at Oxford Road.

But that is not enough. We calculate the total number of actions taken for our clients and donate one penny for each response to The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

It’s not much, but we’ve seen the difference that Children’s Hospital makes in the lives of families in our community, and we are grateful for the chance to give back even a small part of the resources entrusted to us.