Our CEO/Founder Dan Granger was featured in an interview on VentureBlend:

Getting Clients Under The Influence. An Interview with Dan Granger of Oxford Road

“Oxford Road stands out in the marketplace by creating unique influencer marketing campaigns for companies such as Dollar Shave Club and LegalZoom. What marketing strategies have you had success with attracting customers to Oxford Road?

We came into this company with an unfair advantage. I had ten years of advertising sales under my belt and a great rolodex of VC funded companies in the state of California that needed a solution like what we provide. So we hit the ground running with clients on day one and have grown very organically since then with referrals and the same methods of outreach we used when I worked in Radio.

It comes down to knowing our clients and what they really need. Then being able to tell our story in a way that speaks to the pain they experience. There are not many people in the media world that can have a serious discussion with online marketers about offline attribution methods, creative optimization, media planning in new channels like Podcast and YouTube, etc. Our biggest marketing strength comes from our understanding and solutions to our clients problems. When their ads work, growth becomes very organic for our agency.”