Welcome to the intro to the Audiolytics™ Master Class, presented by The Influencer.

So what is Audiolytics™? It’s Oxford Road’s systematic approach, structural framework, and diagnostic tool for message development. In short, it’s a system to make your ads work better. In this series, we’re going to teach you how to make Audiolytics™ work for you.

Audiolytics™ brings objectivity and clarity to your message, using a binary evaluation methodology which includes an expert review of 9 key components and 71 key data points—or sub-components—to ensure optimal messaging design resulting in enhanced performance.  

Audiolytics™ was born out of a desire to make ads on radio and podcast perform better by optimizing the key components that impact response. Since inception, the system has been tweaked, enhanced, and can now be applied to TV ads, sales pitches, and frankly, any persuasive message you wish to convey. To prove this point, the recent Audiolytics™ analysis of every ad from this year’s “Big Football Game” identified T-Mobile’s campaign as the clear winner. While every other analysis scoffed at the Un-Carrier’s series of texting commercials, the ad that told T-Mobile customers to visit Taco Bell on Taco Tuesday resulted in breaking single-day records for the Quasi-Mexican Food chain.

So what is this about a Master Class? In the coming weeks, The Influencer will begin a deep dive on each of the 9 main components within the Audiolytics™ framework to educate our readers on the approach. In a series of 9 articles and white papers delivered once per month for the rest of the year, your professor Stew Redwine (Oxford Road’s Creative Director) will break down each of the 9 Audiolytics™ Key Components and show how savvy marketers are using them wisely.

For those of you new to Audiolytics™, below are the 9 Key Components:

  • Setup – What is the problem you are solving?
  • Value Prop – What is your solution?
  • Positioning – How do you compare to the alternatives to your solution?
  • Demonstration – How does it work?
  • Substantiation – Why believe you?
  • Offer – Will you give me something extra for responding?
  • Scarcity – How long is this available?
  • Path – How do you get the product/service?
  • Execution – The tone and feel of the ad.

The process works like this: we take your current creative (or use a creative brief to create something entirely new) and run it through the Audiolytics™ system. Audiolytics™ will identify key areas for optimization, prompting a revision to achieve maximum performance. Here’s how it looks graphically:  

If you don’t want to wait for the full Master Class, and wish to streamline the process, that’s okay – we do live in a world of instant gratification after all. You can receive a FREE Audiolytics™ report right now and get the score of your current creative assets, along with three critical optimization actions to improve campaign performance TODAY. Just click here to schedule your report.

Class begins May 1st.