Founding Letter

July 1, 2013

“The secret to career happiness is to get paid to do that thing that made you weird as a kid.”

Not sure who said it, but I really like that one.

Every business is in some way, a fractal of its founder. So it’s good you should know a bit about me.

I grew up on a street in a suburb outside of Detroit, called Oxford Road. It was my incubator. Winters below zero with snow measured in feet. Falls that make a Californian think they have bad weather. I did a show on public access TV when I was six and had a poem published in our local newspaper at 10. In high school I had an opinion column and some of my articles caused protests. I always loved media. Not for its ability to report about people’s actions, but for its ability to cause action. Small wonder I fell into advertising.

Oxford Road was where I learned I could make decisions to ruin my own life, and influence others to ruin theirs. It was also where I learned I could lead people and inspire them to be a force for good, and they could inspire me in the same way. I tested everything. I learned. I worked. I optimized and I grew.

I built some relationships on that street that are standing strong today. To me, that’s what really matters. We start with our best guess at how to do things, and by hard knocks we learn how to do them better. During the growth process, we form relationships that never end. As an advertising agency, we value people. Our relationships within our organization and our relationships with our clients are important. As are our relationships with our clients’ customers. Our ability to connect with our clients’ customers is the real measure of value we bring.

Our Agency is here to provide a platform for growth. Advertising done well will do one of two things: Help good businesses succeed faster or help a bad business fail faster. We look for companies that are changing the world with their products and services, that we can believe in and that we will use and recommend to people we care about. If they believe in us, we find ambassadors in all walks of life to advocate for our clients to their tribes. We influence the Influencers and we scale our messages to the masses. If we treat them well, we will be successful. If not, we deserve to fail.

We believe firmly in accountability. Don’t judge us by Cost Per Point. Don’t count how many sporting events or massages we take you to. You won’t be impressed. Our job is to get you more customers at a price you can afford, over and over again. We don’t value branding, creativity, or industry awards. Your sales and profit are our primary goal and focus. We obsess over it.

We scrutinize over every detail. We err on the side of overworking. When we hit a goal, it means we can do better. We will not stop until the world knows you, trusts you, and gives you their money.

We eat what we kill. And we don’t offer transparency in advertising performance as a suggestion. We demand it. Hold us accountable and watch what we do.

As we demand innovation for the clients we work with, we demand the same for ourselves. If we look and sound like other agencies, slap us. We’re going to do things different here.

Oxford Road is a path. We want your business to benefit from our quirks, our scars and our character.

We hope you’ll take a stroll with us.


Dan Granger

CEO & Founder

Leadership Team

Dan Granger
Dan GrangerCEO
As CEO, Dan launched Oxford Road in 2013 to become the premier ad agency for the tech community. Prior to Oxford Road, Dan spent ten years as the top performing Account Executive at Clear Channel Radio. Dan is the creator of “Audiolytics,” Oxford Road’s proprietary process of auditing and optimizing ad creative for the purpose of improving ROI. Using Audiolytics, coupled with a case-study based media planning methodology, Oxford Road has been able to demonstrate the customer acquisition potential of offline media for disruptive digital brands. Oxford Road has expanded its portfolio to more than 25 national clients, utilizing traditional channels like National Radio and Television, as well as emerging channels such as Podcasts and Video on Demand. Oxford Road has grown from zero to more than 40 team members in under two years, without outside funding. This is done by a clear focus on making ads work for the industry leaders of tomorrow.
Scott MacDonell
Scott MacDonellManaging Partner
Scott joined Oxford Road in May of 2014, following a 10 year run as Vice President of Marketing at LegalZoom, where he led offline and digital customer acquisition, creative execution, research, and brand efforts. During his tenure, LegalZoom grew from a small startup to the most recognized legal brand in America. Prior to Oxford Road, Scott held leadership positions at advertising agencies across Los Angeles – with an intense focus on ROI and results. He began his career at Leo Burnett in Chicago, where he planned and bought the media behind P&G brands Cheer Detergent and Pert Plus.
Chad Ludwig
Chad LudwigEVP, Advertising Operations
Chad leads Media, Creative and Account Management for Oxford Road. Prior to joining the agency, Chad served as Head of Marketing for JibJab Media and was responsible for acquisition, retention and overall revenue growth for their portfolio of premium subscription brands. Chad has also held senior marketing roles at both start-up, Rebel Entertainment (IAC), and studio environments, The Walt Disney Company. He has worked extensively with a wide range of digital consumer brands both via web and mobile apps, including JibJab, Disney Movies Online, Toontown, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Disney, Jr. Chad has consistently and successfully focused his efforts on delivering effective and quantifiable ROI for his marketing efforts. In addition to his role as EVP, Chad has partnered with Oxford Road to incubate a new premium content platform within the agency.
Natan Dotan
Natan DotanVice President of Analytics
Natan joined Oxford Road as VP of Analytics in the summer of 2015. Prior to joining Oxford Road, Natan headed advanced analytics projects at Initiative, where he spearheaded ground-breaking media attribution and optimization projects for Fortune 500 clients including Amazon, Dr Pepper, and Honda, as well as clients across a wide range of industries, including GoDaddy, Best Western, and the California Lottery. Natan led the development of a first-in-class ROI measurement platform integrating single-source data from millions of US households. He holds a PhD in Sociology from Columbia University where his research centered on media economics. Natan also has a research background in computational biology and neuroscience. His work has been supported by grants from The Earth Institute, Columbia University, The University of Chicago, Mellon, and the US State Department. He has taught at Columbia University and Brooklyn College. He likes to surf.
Shasta Gibson
Shasta GibsonMedia Supervisor
Shasta brings several years of buying experience, along with existing network relationships, to our media department. As our Media Supervisor, she oversees the planning, negotiation, execution, and optimization of all campaigns with relentless attention and air tight strategy. Before joining Oxford Road, Shasta bought media across multiple landscapes for powerhouse DR clients such as Hotwire, TrueCar, Proactiv, OxiClean, and Nutrisystem, and since has orchestrated the successful launch of Oxford Road’s television, outdoor, and VOD capabilities. Shasta graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA with a major in Mass Communications and has been deeply immersed in the advertising industry ever since.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

To profitably grow disruptive companies through innovative and scalable campaigns.
To be the most dynamic agents of influence for the industry leaders of tomorrow.
History: We anticipate the future by understanding the past.
Gratitude: We are thankful and diligent stewards of the resources entrusted to us.
Influence: The success of our work is measured by the actions that follow.
Innovation: We fight for innovation in service of great innovators.
Growth: Continual self-improvement everywhere, always, even when it hurts.
Golden Rule: We treat our team, our clients, and our partners the way we want to be treated.